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Hi……uh…..My name is Mickale. I’m from Detroit. I don’t bite. 

hey boo 👀

Wassup tho. ☺️

Hey cutie

Whaddup doe ! 😁

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What are some annoying, make your eyes roll, ‘I’m not going to even bother finishing the book’ pet peeves PoC readers have with characters and plots in the books they read?

I hate to fuckin’ hell when WoC are used as the ~keys~ to unlock some pasty White boy’s sexual…

The stereotyping is so REAL! This one girl was like “she was black with really long hair ( must have beena really good weave)” and I was done.




I stay getting played cuz I’m not 6’0 lol Smh. 

but how tall are you?

I’m 5’8” apparently that’s midget height to females nowadays lol

Damn lol. But I mean, I can work with 5’8 lol


yeah-okay-seph don’t know this but she stay leading me to some of Tumblr’s finer specimen. Thanks boo!

You welcome shawty

perception-of-love you were there! Nah you didn’t up until now lol. Thank you baby :)

Five facts about me:


Requested by yeah-okay-seph
1. I can’t tell a story without getting very emotional
2. I’m very close to my 3 sisters
3. I have this strange aversion to the male gender but I can handle certain guys
4. I have an anxiety disorder
5. I absolutely adore broadway, ballets, symphonies or pretty much anything theatrical

ophelia-iris lykeike classy-kate caramel-hugss thakiddtaylored

I have anxiety too! And we emotional together! Ayeee


I stay getting played cuz I’m not 6’0 lol Smh. 

but how tall are you?